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You’re pre-revenue or revenue-generating, wondering how best to tackle your marketing, given budgets are limited and you need to drive sales.

Is it better to hire somebody in-house or go with an agency? Which agency should you use?

Whilst you’re different from the competition your prospects don’t seem to see or understand that difference and you can’t really fathom why. You need to act quickly, so what’s your starting point?

We will help you get your winning GTM, brand, positioning and marketing strategies in place, together with your personas, customer journeys, value proposition and messaging – quickly and cost-effectively.

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Do these problems sound familiar?

These are the most common reasons that businesses fail all of which can be addressed through a clear GTM strategy

GTM strategy and positioning

How do you make your startup brand stand out against established competitors and showcase your value in a way prospects can’t refuse? Define the strategy that will leverage your differentiators to create a compelling market offering.

Purposefully position away from the competition

Buyer persona-led to engage and convert your target audience

Identify your differentiators and lead with your value

Connect with value-led messaging and content that speaks to your buyer personas

Reflect user journeys and create a smooth user experience that converts

SEO optimised to bring the right audience to your website

Lead generation website

How do you create a website that is your highest-performing, always-on sales person? Demonstrate your credibility and gain trust, helping to drive customer acquisition. Attract prospective buyers who will convert.

SEO strategy and optimisation

Not sure where to start? You know SEO is important, but you don’t know the ins and outs of it. What’s the difference between all the providers? Do it once do it properly. Define and execute a successful SEO strategy that drives traffic to build your audience.

Detailed keyword research and analysis

Informational and transaction keywords to cover your entire marketing funnel

Optimised SEO content structure to play to search engine algorithms

Value-led content, SEO-optimised tor your keywords

Content to support your target audience at each lead stage

Thought leadership content to position your brand

Content creation

How can you create high-quality SEO or thought leadership content regularly to reach your chosen audience? Create high quality content to build engagement with your prospects.

Social media strategy and execution

How do you establish your presence on social media and gain credibility as a trusted source of information? Define the channels to focus on with a clear strategy to reach and engage your audience and drive visbility.

Clear social strategy and hashtag research to help you reach your audience

Curated thought leader content to help you build your audience

Organic content to share your latest updates and drive engagement

Campaigns to make the best use of your resources and assets and drive customer acquisition

Inbound marketing approach for cost-effective lead generation

Fast execution to align and get going quickly

Campaign strategy and execution

How do you construct a campaign strategy that makes the best use of your assets and resources and speaks to prospective buyers in a way that converts? Drive leads and convert customers with compelling campaigns.

HubSpot Platinum Partner - Onboarding and training

Expertise across all Hubs

Aligned marketing, sales and services process to achieve scale

Marketing automation

When is the right time for you to consider marketing automation tools? Are you eligible for HubSpot for Startups? Create your automation strategy to scale right from the start. Save time and money down the line.

Brand building

How do you build a brand that clearly reflects your mission, values, products and credibility? Build a brand that resonates with your prospects, potential investors and partners.

Define your brand's message and story

Establish trust with prospects and customers

Turn customers into brand advocates

15+ years' experience in marketing and technology

Extension of your team - our only goal is your success

Tech specialists through and through

Specialist expertise and training

How do you gain a CMO and specialist expertise across all areas of marketing without the expense of hiring internally? Give us a call for a chat about how we can help.

Avoid the most common marketing mistakes Tech Founders make

Despite the ease of access to marketing tools, great marketing is harder than ever. How can you compete in a noisy environment and reach your prospective buyers at the right time on a tight budget and with a small team?

Boiling the ocean. Targeting everyone to see what sticks

Focusing on your product rather than buyers' pain points and perspective

Moving to execution without doing the strategic thinking and planning first

Failing to carve out your differentiators or what makes you stand out

Lack of clarity on key messages so marketing doesn't have clear focus and sales are over promising

Failing to prioritise budget and activities and trying to do too much at once

Delegating key marketing activities to junior staff members who don't have the experience and expecting them to perform miracles

Starting marketing too late in the startup process and failing to have the right resources in place

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chief marketing officer

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