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Inbound Marketing Strategy

Can you help us create our inbound marketing / ABM strategy?

Yes. We are strategy specialists. From understanding your current position and how you rank against your competitors, through to creating your marketing strategy for immediate implementation, we will drive your lead generation results.

Do you drive performance against defined metrics?

Yes. We agree the metrics with you within your strategy creation phase and then drive performance each month, against these metrics.

Do you provide ongoing recommendations to drive our marketing results?

Yes. Inbound and Account Based Marketing are not set and forget strategies. Every month, we review your strategy and provide recommendations based on your data and our expertise.

Will you act as an extension of our team?

Yes. We work as an extension of your team, or if you don’t yet have a team, we will act as your marketing team until you’re ready to hire internally.

Will you work with other agencies?

Yes. You may already have an agency in place, but want to supplement their expertise. We are more than happy to work directly or indirectly with other agencies.

I just want to learn more about inbound marketing/ ABM. Can you help?

Yes. We’re all about building relationships. We understand that when you’re considering inbound or Account Based Marketing, you may just want a sounding board, or someone who you can turn to, to ask questions. We’re here for that. Simply give us a call, or drop us an email and we’ll set up a time convenient to you, to discuss your goals and objectives.

Content Marketing and Campaigns

Can you help us to create content to support our lead generation?

Yes. From creating your content strategy through to writing on specialist subjects, we will write your blogs, eBooks, thought-leadership, white papers are more. Your content will come fully optimised to complement your lead generation and campaign strategy.

Can you help create specialist content assets?

Yes. From videos and infographics through to podcasts, we will story-board, design and create content assets to support your lead generation and campaign strategies.

Do you have your own team of content writers?

Yes. Not only do we have our own team of content writers, over the years, we have developed relationships with some of the very best tech writers which ensures we can write across specialist disciplines.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Do we have to take HubSpot to work with you?

No. We appreciate HubSpot is an investment and you may not be ready for it yet, or you may just want to focus on a particular channel. We work with clients across content marketing, SEO, paid media, paid social, community and influencer management as individual channels. Of course, we also work with clients who want the full inbound and ABM experience and take HubSpot. We also work with the other leading marketing automation platforms.

If we do want to use HubSpot, will you advise us on the best licence?

Yes. We provide all the information you need to take an informed decision on HubSpot. If you just want an initial chat to find out whether the platform should form part of your tech stack, then just give us a call – without any obligation.

Do you do HubSpot training?

Yes. We can train you and your team across all aspects of the HubSpot platform. Whether you’re looking to take HubSpot in-house from an external agency or simply want to share knowledge transfer, we have a training programme that’s right for you.