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Achieve a fast, efficient and cost-effective migration of your current website onto the HubSpot CMS platform.  

Our team will migrate your website to the Hubspot CMS using our proven, pain-free process, For smaller websites and the most complex. 


When it comes to migrations we execute. It's as simple as that.

HubSpot migration projects can be complex, and contain plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. But it’s not our first rodeo. We’ve navigated the pitfalls and seen every sort of legacy system so you’re in safe hands. 

You can trust us to deliver on time and to budget.


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Why migrate into HubSpot CMS?

Integrated with the HubSpot CRM, the CMS enables you to personalise the entire customer journey from first visit through every single sales and marketing transaction. And that’s just the one of the many benefits. Flexible, responsive with templates and drag and drop functionality, the HubSpot CMS allows you to benefit from the full power of the HubSpot platform, making growth driven design and website iterations easily achievable. 

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How do I migrate to the HubSpot CMS?

Our migration process enables a smooth transition between your 3rd party CMS and the HubSpot platform. 

For a relatively small site with clean infrastructure we expect the migration process to take around 4 – 6 weeks. 

Of course, if your site is more complex, the time for implementation will be longer, depending on response times and complexity of the underpinning architecture. 

Content and existing website audit

Quote and plan


Template development

Functional migration



Content migration

Series A and Beyond

Setup, optimisation, SEO and redirects

QA & Testing


Your options

We have a wealth of experience as HubSpot CMS migration specialists and will advise and guide you every step of the way. We’ll discuss your options, including whether you should migrate your existing site or consider a bespoke website built on the HubSpot CMS. 

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Our approach

Whether migrating your site or thinking of a bespoke approach, there’s a lot to consider in creating your revenue generation engine. That’s why every website we build focuses on your UX – optimised for your prospects’ buying and decision-making journey, SEO – to reach more visitors and copy and content that attracts, engages and converts. 

High performance code, responsivess and meeting accessibility requirements always come as standard. 

STEP 1. Content and existing website audit

We form your HubSpot migrations’ team and begin by talking together about your strategic goals, to ensure a migration into HubSpot is going to deliver all the requirements on your side. In order to scope the project, we need to audit the existing website’s size, content, services, functionality and integrations.

STEP 2. Quote and plan

Based on the requirements of your business, we’ll put together a project definition, to make sure we’re 100% aligned on where you need to get to. Alongside the document, we’ll provide an estimate and a quote so you know what to expect.

Once we agree on the assignment, your project manager will be assigned and the project plan will begin to take shape.

STEP 3. Template development

From here, we begin to build a template defined by your requirements and our experts in website CRO. We do this within your HubSpot portal alongside our team to create a responsive and SEO-optimised framework for your pages.

STEP 4. Functional migration

If there are any technical functions to be migrated, those will be developed and moved to the new platform.

STEP 5. HubSpot system templates and assets

Password pages, email preferences pages and 404s are developed in line with your existing styles, and the theme across your brand new HubSpot website.

STEP 6. Content migration

The bit which most people think of when they hear website migration. When all templates and functionality have been developed, we can start to move the content.

STEP 7. Tools setup, optimisation, SEO and redirects

Now, with the site visible within a test link, we are able to focus on the important technical elements such as: redirections, to maintain page ranks; all previous tools are installed; overall website optimisations have not been broken.

STEP 8. QA & Testing

Your site is now finished and ready to be launched, but QA and testing are important stages in ensuring things go smoothly.

With that, we’re done! Your new content management system and HubSpot CRM is in place.

STEP 9. Go Live

Migrate your website to the HubSpot CMS today

Work together with us to migrate or create your new website in HubSpot today. Get in touch with our team of HubSpot and marketing professionals to understand how you can drive business growth and scale using the HubSpot CMS to monitor website content from within your CRM, and create custom nurtures for your digital content which drive real results.

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