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Medical Realities

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Automation (HubSpot)
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Our Work

Medical Realities provides medical training products, specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and serious games.

By using consumer-level virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift, Medical Realities can reduce the cost of training, reaching a wider audience and providing a completely safe learning environment for medical students

On 14th April, Medical Realities undertook a world first. They live streamed a surgery in virtual reality. World class education was available to anyone across the world as they streamed in 360-degree high-definition from with a London surgical theatre. Members of the public, students and surgeons alike could view the surgery on their own devices and through the use of Google Cardboard, entirely immerse themselves in the operation environment.

Incisive Edge is the marketing partner of Medical Realities.

Providing a True User Experience

Given the event was a world first and was to be livestreamed through Medical Realities’ website, it was vital that information, as well as the livestream was easily accessible. We implemented several user experience (UX) changes to the website to ensure there was a true journey across the site, placing the app download and stream at the heart of the site, with contact forms, calls to action, press and other information effortlessly available.

Marketing Automation through HubSpot

To harness visitor information, we integrated Medical Realities’ website with Hubspot. We set up Hubspot to its optimum, making full use of the lead nurturing workflows, forms, calls to action, list and CRM functions. As data began flooding in, we were able to capture and record all contacts.

Social Media

As we were managing all existing social platforms during this global event, we responded in real time, using our hashtag #VRinOR, through Hubspot’s social functionality and through the social platforms themselves. We created gifs and images to ensure the audience stayed engaged with the streams throughout the day.

Keys to Success

On a high profile project such as this, ownership and accountability by Incisive Edge were key factors for success. We ensured communication was high at all stages of the project to enable Medical Realities to focus on the livestream. Communication, together with dedicated project and account management proved to be the keys to success.

The Outcome

The results speak for themselves.

Website visits went through the roof:




As did Twitter

As at 14th April


As at 25th April


The #VRinOR gained over 9million impressions and over 4.5million reached on the day.


#VRinOR enabled technology to reach students around the world and world class education to be delivered globally and instantaneously. Preliminary figures show that 4,056 cities were reached in 142 countries (Source: Google).

Incisive Edge continues to work in partnership with the Medical Realities and is proud to be their marketing partner.

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