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B2B Account Based Marketing tactics have become commonplace over the course of the last decade. As business objectives fall more in line with this methodology, new tactics develop, which open up target accounts to marketing and sales teams of all sizes.

What is an Account Based Marketing approach?

Account Based Marketing turns the traditional funnel on its head, and begins with a list of target accounts. Typically, marketing teams will work together with the sales team to identify high value accounts that can make a meaningful impact on the business’ commercial objectives, then find commonalities amongst those accounts.

Your Account Based Marketing strategy can vary depending on the resources you have available to you. We have worked with customers on campaign activation where we take a 1:1 relationship between campaign and target accounts, but we have equally seen success with 1:few and 1:many approaches, targeting groups of specific accounts with campaigns that appeal strongly to the selection.

No matter the level of focus and targeting used within your account based marketing efforts, the key theme is personalised content which triggers a reaction and engagement from the account. We can achieve this together through thorough planning and identification of the things which make your target account list tick.

Reap the benefits from top to bottom of funnel

One of the reasons why ABM strategy has caught on like wildfire amongst B2B marketers, is the support it gives beyond traditional lead generation and into the sales process. As a good Account Based Marketing campaign runs, it influences open opportunities, existing customers as well as top of funnel leads. This means that for companies who run a “farming” sales strategy or a “land and expand” approach, ABM campaigns allow the marketing team to win on multiple fronts with the same budget and the same time allocation.

How do you do ABM for B2B?

ABM is a simple process at its core, particularly when your business has access to the right tools.

The first stage in a successful ABM strategy is to align your sales and marketing – and customer success teams on the correct customer profile. This begins at an organisational level, but drills down into the personas that the company identify as involved in the purchasing process.

From there, it is important to map the buying journey for your target accounts and the individuals within them. This will inform your choice of Account Based Marketing tools and the tactics to be used in reaching the key accounts. Whether you’re using ad campaigns, email campaigns or social media, it is critical to understand the prospect in order to deliver hyper-personalised messaging.

Alongside the campaign tactics, is the process of creating unique customer or vertical value propositions. This works by demonstrating your understanding of an issue which is niche enough to grab the attention of the decision makers within a particular account list, or industry sector. A strong value proposition will allow you to create personalised content to be delivered by digital marketing, and draw prospects into your sales funnel with its compelling message.

Once the initial analysis, personalisation and delivery have been agreed, the campaign can be activated. Unlike some other marketing efforts, ABM success relies on continued analysis and updates being made as the campaign runs. This process of ensuring prospects are engaged will ensure that when the high value target accounts are ready to reach out, the work for the sales team will be reduced, because the conversations are warmer.

Squeeze all the value out of your customer data

Great use of customer data is critical to delivering the right message at the right time to your target account list. The beauty of this is that direct mail packed full of relevant content does not put a strain on your marketing budget.

Marketing channels like email and physical mail have become unfashionable, often seen as old-hat compared to newer or sexier methodologies. However the reality is different, and using the correct technologies and channels to identify accounts, measure engagement using intent data and then deliver the right messages, can separate your business from the competition in a major way.

ABM makes use of your existing customer data, whether that is in-depth customer success metrics, or simple data like contact details and account profiles. Using the information held by your sales and marketing teams to get both departments on the same page is the key to a successful ABM process.

Our strategic process helps you build a framework for data collection that supports effective Acount Based Marketing. And the key to effective database marketing is good, clean data.



How can Incisive Edge help you with ABM?

Our team of experts will work together with you to understand your business priorities, and devise, then execute, a plan to generate pipeline from within your top target accounts.

Within our plan we will take into consideration your existing marketing, access to customer data, and the criteria used to select your important accounts list. Through a combination of inbound marketing best practices and content syndication, we will then begin to target and reach out to the businesses that are most important to you.

What are the types of Account Based Marketing?

Depending on your business, the market you serve and the scale of your internal marketing, we will work together to choose the right ABM approach for you.

Whether it’s 1:1, 1:few or 1:many we can take an account based marketing approach to the delivery of your campaigns and help you to reach the profile of accounts that will have the biggest impact on your sales reps targets.

It’s proven true for many of our clients that Account Based Marketing strategies have a higher revenue potential than traditional marketing tactics.

We work together with our customers to ensure that a strategic marketing approach includes tactics to deliver short term results along the way to the bigger picture wins. It is therefore important that the type of execution we choose matches your longer term objectives. We do this by setting the scene before campaign execution begins, to align marketing with key stakeholders throughout the business and clearly document the path to engaging with targeted accounts.

“As a fast growing tech startup, we rely on powerful content to drive our lead generation engine. The experience and expertise of the Incisive Edge team has been invaluable in helping us to refine our strategy, plan campaigns and automate processes.”
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