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Strategic Planning for tech companies

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Your positioning and messaging strategy

As a tech company, it’s vital that you say what you do on the tin. If your prospects cannot understand the value that you deliver and how you can help them solve their pain points, they will go to your competitor. Because the truth is, your prospects are not interested in you or your platform – only what you and your platform can do for them.

We will create your positioning and messaging which can be reflected across your marketing collateral, website, social media and investment deck, to show your value, the benefits you deliver and how your software/ platform/ technology solves your prospects’ pain points.

Our positioning solutions include:

Your marketing strategy and audit

Our combined strategy, informed by a data-led audit tells you not only where you are, but what you need to do to hit your objectives and metrics.

Whether you need to increase your MRR, ARR or LTV, or reduce your churn or CAC/LTV, we will create the strategy, against your timelines and budget, to ensure you meet your goals. Quick wins are essential, together with longer-term planning.

Our solutions are data-led and strategically designed to increase traffic, attract new leads and convert them. From GTM and marketing strategies, through to integrated, cross-channel campaign strategies, we ensure your marketing is strategy-led and performance-driven to fill your sales team’s quotas and meet your business objectives.

Our strategic solutions include:

Your campaign strategy

Whilst it’s far easier to jump straight into execution and get something going straight away, the truth is, great campaigns don’t happen that way. They need to be planned to align with your business objectives, ensuring you hit your metrics.

Whether you want to fill the top of the funnel, create brand awareness, or convert more leads, we will create a campaign strategy to meet your objectives and budget.

Our campaign solutions include:


If you’re seeking funding, a GTM strategy is vital, not just for your own planning, but often for your pitch deck.

If you have a pitch deck which needs strengthening in certain areas, or if you need to create a deck from scratch, we can help. And if you need to create your GTM strategy, we’ll help you create the strategy and ensure all the vital elements that investors will be looking for are included.

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