Building any business is hard and so sharing experiences with others in an inclusive environment is invaluable, as is bridging the chasm between investors and entrepreneurs.

That’s why we have built a tech community through Incisive Capital and The Edge.

We support, foster and share experiences, information and contacts through our network to promote founders in scale up.

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Our tech community

The Edge

The Edge is an exclusive tech event series and community for post revenue, seed-funded and seasoned tech founders living the scale-up journey.

Supported by some of the leading service providers in the technology space, The Edge places the focus on enabling rapid growth through industry-shaping insights, education, access to aspirational leaders and sector-leading advisory and capital

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Incisive Capital facilitates capital raising for innovative ventures through its extensive investment panel and large private network of angel and syndicate investors, serving as a conduit for companies seeking equity or loan growth finance.

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