David Bowler

Co-founder / Director

Julia Payne

Co-founder / Director

About Us

It has to be said, we don’t just hire anyone. We’re extremely selective when it comes to our team. We’re all inbound certified because we’re passionate about the return it can bring to our clients. We’ve combined tech-savvy specialists with experienced strategists and creatives to drive the best results for you. We thrive on community, teamwork and love for what we do. Oh and daily coffee runs. We want you to become Inbound and Incisive Edge fans, thrilled with the number of qualified leads, energised by your highly converting website and engaged by your social metrics. Those are our marketing goals for you.

"As an inbound digital agency, they are quick to respond and understand the meaning of customer service. Incisive Edge come highly recommended by EMDP and we consider them to be our strategic partner."


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