Intent Marketing. Give Your Customers What they Want

Intent marketing consolidates information about your prospects, their behaviour and their activity to show when they are actively searching for solutions like yours. Give your prospects what they want, when they want it.

Understand Buyer Intent to Drive Demand and Sales

Our intent marketing services target the middle and bottom of the funnel. We leverage your own and third party data to find those prospects that are in-market and actively looking for a solution to their challenges and pain points and would benefit from your offering.



Increase buyer-ready prospects

Increase buyer-ready prospects


Increase sales and ROI

“We worked with Incisive Edge to drive leads and conversions through paid media and content creation. On our paid media, through their knowledge and expertise, we have both reduced our cost per acquisition and increased conversions. Similarly, their content has led to an increase in search engine rankings and increased the volume of qualified leads.

We would recommend Incisive Edge to any company. They are the trusted partner you want by your side to drive results and keep your thinking fresh and cutting edge. They have proved to be high on communication, dedicated, insightful and true experts in their field. They’re a pleasure to work with”

Mark Terry

Digital Marketing Manager


Our Intent Marketing Services

Buyer Personas

We create practical buyer personas which form the bedrock of your intent based marketing strategy.

Firmographic Data

Utilising your buyer personas, we tailor your audiences to match your ideal customer profile.

CRM Data

Through research, analysis and data crunching, we find every relationship your company already has with your target accounts.

Behavioural Data

Find out which accounts are engaging with your company’s digital presence and which areas of your marketing strategy are working and which just aren’t.

Custom Audiences

Customer audiences, custom affinity audiences, Look alike audiences, we have it covered. We can find prospects that look just like your ideal customer profile and buyer personas.

Intent Data

Using our Partner platforms, we can multiply your reach, globally.

Need more leads?

In a 30 minute session, we’ll show you how to create a system to generate more leads and accelerate the growth of your business.
In our session together, we’ll understand your business and current lead channels and recommend strategies and execution tactics that will help you expand faster.
Julia Payne
Your growth marketing session will be with tech marketing expert, Julia Payne.