Lead Generation Websites. The Hardest Working Member of Your Sales Team

Your prospects are not interested in you, only the ‘what’s in it for me’. So transform your website from a digital brochure into a powerful lead generation machine designed to attract relevant prospects and increase conversions.

Create a Website that Speaks Directly to Your Target Audience and Generates Leads

With content written for your buyer personas, addressing their needs, challenges and pain points, we will transform your website into a lead generation engine, designed to move your prospects quickly through their decision-making journey and convert them into customers.








“I was introduced to incisive Edge and within a short timeframe, before an important series of meetings in Lisbon, Incisive Edge produced a fabulous B2B website and content.

I could not recommend Incisive Edge more highly“.

Chris Mcgale


The Lead Generation Website Transformation Process

Strategic Planning

A lead generation website must speak to your target audience and their pain points, for where they are in their buying and decision-making process. As the first step, we create your personas and understand their customer journey so your website and blog content answer their questions as they travel across your site.

We also develop tone of voice guidelines to ensure your content speaks directly to your target audience.

Information Architecture

Once all planning elements have been completed, we will develop your website’s structure – the information architecture.

The IA will reflect your personas’ customer journey and touchpoints across your site to ensure an optimal user journey, experience and flow.



Once we have agreed the IA with you, we will create wireframes for each page of your site. The wireframes enable you to see the flow of the site, unencumbered by design, to allow you to really focus in on your personas’ decision-making journey and experience across the site.

At this stage, your wireframes will contain key messages and conversion points.

Design Concepts

With the wireframes complete, we will create design concepts which reflect your brand and your personas.

It is important that your audience can see themselves through your imagery and illustration to increase lead generation and conversions.

Content Development

With your visual style agreed, we now create the remaining content in the tone of voice that will resonate with and engage your buyer personas.

Your content will be benefit led, so your audience can immediately understand the ‘what’s in it for me’. Together with your visual imagery, your content will help to paint the picture for your personas, as to why you are the only choice. During the content development phase, we create all SEO meta data to ensure your site is fully optimised.


We now move quickly to the development of your website, either in HubSpot or on WordPress.

All our sites are fully-responsive using best practice. When development is complete, we will fully QA your site. Once our QA process is complete, we will share the site with you for your review and feedback.

Launch Preparation

When your feedback has been incorporated into the site, we complete a final QA and share with you for your final sign off prior to launch preparation.

We have a comprehensive pre-launch checklist to ensure a smooth launch phase from your staging domain, including all SEO checks.



A new website launch is an exciting time, but the launch needs to be seamless, minimising any downtime. For that reason, we follow our well-practised launch checklist which ensures that everything functions correctly and transitioning is as smooth as possible.

As your new site embeds, we will train your team so they can manage the site themselves, without the need for ongoing agency resource. Training comes complete with videos so your team can refer back to the sessions at any time.

Need more leads?

In a 30 minute session, we’ll show you how to create a system to generate more leads and accelerate the growth of your business.
In our session together, we’ll understand your business and current lead channels and recommend strategies and execution tactics that will help you expand faster.
Julia Payne
Your growth marketing session will be with tech marketing expert, Julia Payne.