Revenue Performance Management

Does Marketing say Sales wouldn’t recognise a good lead if it hit them in the face? Does your Sales team respond by saying Marketing is just passing us rubbish all the time? Sound familiar? Aligning around a common goal of Revenue Performance Management turns siloed departments into one team.

Passing the Baton from
Marketing to Sales

From processes to training, sales enablement tools can unify, educate, empower and cultivate trust between your Marketing and Sales teams to unite around your main business driver – revenue.


Your buyer personas are the foundations of your success. Having line of sight of the entire customer journey from Marketing through to Sales, begins to align your teams.


If your Marketing and Sales teams are working off different data sources, you’re in for a rocky ride and inaccurate reporting will surely follow. Having agreement on definitions for data terms and client lifecycle stages is a must.
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With the implementation of accountability measures through a Service Level Agreement between your departments, collaboration and mutual trust becomes a given, rather than a longed for.

A Single Source of Truth

Your prospects don’t see their user journey across your site in two halves, so why should you? By focusing your Marketing and Sales teams around the customer’s entire journey, rather than your sales process, you suddenly have a new perspective on the user experience – which your teams can align around.
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Getting Granular

Quality over quantity can feature highly when it comes to leads. We’ll help you to reach the right audience through segmentation of your data – both demographic and behavioural.

Reaching Your Goals

Marketing and Sales are goal oriented. It’s the challenge that drives them. Having the ability to see goals reached based on funnel stages is motivating and drives behavioural change. We’ll help you to create your lead funnel from Subscriber through to Customer and onto brand advocate. Clarity is key.
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Lead Stages to Drive MQLs and SQLs

Focus not just on who your prospects are, but also where they are in their buyer’s journey. Are they top, middle or bottom of the funnel? Are they Leads, MQLs or SQLs? We’ll help you to provide universal definitions of your lead stages to align your Marketing.

Hand Off or Drop Off

Sales and Marketing alignment centres around the management of leads. If there’s no lead management, good prospects can fall by the wayside and be lost forever. By creating a Service Level Agreement which determines the hand off between your teams you can define accountability at each stage of the customer lifecycle, so nobody gets left behind.
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Streamline to Success

In these unprecedented times, objectives change fast. Companies grow from startups to scale ups rapidly. We’ll help you develop a strategy that can adapt alongside your growth trajectory, with streamlined reporting to track your KPIs and measure attribution.
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Phase 2

Need more leads?

In a 30 minute session, we’ll show you how to create a system to generate more leads and accelerate the growth of your business.
In our session together, we’ll understand your business and current lead channels and recommend strategies and execution tactics that will help you expand faster.
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Your growth marketing session will be with tech marketing expert, Julia Payne.