Helping established tech companies reach new levels of success

With new competitors springing up every day, are you looking for a step-change to really drive your marketing and sales results?  We will help you position for success.

Calculate the traffic and leads you need to hit your KPIs.

Identify new opportunities and build a customer acquisition engine to help you scale

You can’t understand it. Campaigns and messaging that previously resonated with your target audience are having less or even no effect. Your revenues aren’t growing, or worse they’re declining as new competitors enter the market and existing competitors up their game.

You need to reverse the decline and meet your revenue targets. You need to keep your stakeholders and investors on board.

You need to act fast and make a step change. But how?

We’ll get you back to and beyond your previous levels of success. Whether you need us to act as your internal team, or work with your in-house team, our practical and down to earth approach across strategy, execution and optimisation delivers results.

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Helping founder-led and CMOs in established tech businesses globally

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CMOs and Marketing Teams

The non-negotiables for effective marketing

Is your business doing what it needs to across these core elements of the marketing mix? Marketing generated revenue depends on co-ordinated success between your strategy and execution.

GTM strategy and positioning

Make a step change or pivot to increase your revenue or reverse a decline. Define the strategy that builds upon your success and highlights your strengths and differentiators in a way that makes you stand out to your audience.

Define a GTM strategy to make a step change or pivot to reverse a decline in revenues

Review existing target audience & update or identify new buyer personas to boost growth

Lead with your value, differentiators & clear messaging in a fresh way that appeals in today's market

Nurture your most loyal customers to create a community of advocates

Create an engaging brand that evolves with your customer base

Use your brand to help you stand out from the competition

Brand amplification

Use your brand to ensure customer loyalty, to retain clients and prevent churn.

Lead generation website

Create a high-performing, lead-generating website. Provide a seamless user experience that drives customer acquisition and low-touch conversion, to build a scalable lead generation machine.

Engage using high-value content purposefully created to speak to each of your buyer personas

Reflect user journeys & create a smooth user experience that converts at scale

Refresh your site's SEO to bring the right audience to your front door

Identify opportunities to compete successfully using detailed keyword research & analysis

Informational, transactional & commercial keywords to cover your entire marketing funnel

Optimised SEO content structure to play to your audience & search engine algorithms

SEO strategy and optimisation

Define and execute a successful SEO strategy and content structure that targets different audiences and stakeholders, to drive the right prospects into your lead funnel.

Content development and creation

Identify new content opportunities and create high-quality SEO or thought leadership content with showcased value for your prospects.

Value-led content, SEO-optimised tor your keywords

Content to support your target audience at each lead stage

Thought leadership content to position your brand

Clear social strategy & hashtag research to help you engage your audience

Curated thought leader content so you become part of the right conversations

Organic content to share your latest updates & drive engagement

Social media strategy and execution

Define a strategy to reach and engage your audience in a way that will help build a buzz and grow your community.

Campaign strategy and execution

Build multi-channel campaigns that work seamlessly to drive customer acquisition.

Campaigns that engage your audience across multiple channels to drive customer acquisition

An inbound marketing approach for cost-effective lead generation

"Test & Learn" to broaden your audience & increase your campaign ROI

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Successfully engage with a specific set of target accounts within your markets. Define a campaign strategy that uses a personalised approach and messaging that addresses the specific needs and characteristics of each account.

Engage your audience seamlessly across multiple channels to drive customer acquisition

Create optimised personalised content for targeted lead generation

Identify new opportunities using a "Test and Learn" approach to broaden your audience

HubSpot Platinum Partner. Onboard, train, optimise & migrate

HSFS specialists

Align marketing, sales, operations & service processes to achieve scale

Marketing automation

Whether you’re new to marketing automation, want to build your lead funnel, create clear reporting against metrics or sort out your current set up, we can help. Automate and streamline, all under one roof.

Sales enablement

You’ve moved past Founder-led sales. How do you empower your sales teams to smash their targets? Focus on giving them the tools and resources needed to boost conversions, close more deals and increase revenue.

Transparent information sharing & well-defined processes for smooth lead handling

Identify & build a library of essential assets for your sales team to convey a unified message to prospects

Clear reporting to help you identify opportunities for improvement

Controlled tests & analysis to help you clearly see what’s working & what’s not

Drive regular incremental gains to increase impact as your business grows

Strategic insights to inform future campaigns to drive results

Conversion rate optimisation

Incremental gains made to your conversion rates are going to have a larger impact as your business grows. How do you know what needs to or can be improved, without sabotaging the good results you’ve achieved so far? Use a proven methodical approach based on controlled tests and analysis.

Avoid the most common marketing mistakes established tech companies make

Once a company reaches a more established status, a step-change is often required and GTM, customer acquisition and marketing strategies need to be revisited. What previously worked well is unlikely to deliver the same results as your business and the market has matured. Now is the time to build upon your successes and make that step-change to enable scale.

Decision Making Unit not clearly identified leading to a lack of buy-in

Messaging no longer resonates with personas & does not reflect your value or difference

Poor website UX resulting in lack of engagement

Campaign bloat with Cost of Acquisition steady rising

No clear alignment between marketing & sales with leads falling between the cracks

Extended sales cycles due to lack of process

Poor or non-existent automation with an expensive platform going to waste

No clear mechanism for gaining meaningful insights

We help our clients succeed


“I was referred to Incisive Edge and what a great referral. Their data-led approach and value-led content has given us the platform, position and strategy that is both realistic and achievable. And they have achieved it. Their clear and practical strategy, followed through with fantastic execution has been transformational.”

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Established, founder-led tech companies who want to make a step change


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