Social media strategy which creates a true relationship with your target audience

By wrapping strategy around your social media, we create human relationships with your audience. We build your network and community to drive the right people into your funnel.

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We deliver results on the back of a great social media marketing strategy

It’s true that anyone can pose as a business on social media platforms. But to build authentic relationships which drive results, requires a purposeful strategy.

Finding the right voice for your business to drive brand awareness and build community will stop you from scanning vanity metrics and create deep prospect-led engagement.

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The value we bring to your social media marketing

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Identify the most effective channels for your business

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Develop a voice & identity to create real interaction

Incisive edge Personalised content

Develop great content, to maximise exposure & engagement

Incisive edge building

Increase traffic to your site to build your prospect community

Incisive Edge Rebecca Hicks

Rebecca Hicks

Head of Strategy

Meet the team lead

Becks has a proven track record of defining positioning and marketing strategies and delivering the foundations required for tech companies to achieve their growth and lead generation ambitions, often within challenging parameters. Becks will steer you through the initial stages of engagement with her energetic yet #noflluff marketing approach to ensure you have the right foundations in place and remain on-hand throughout your engagement with Incisive Edge.


"We can't say enough good things about the results and the experience of working with Incisive Edge"

In the last few months since working with IE, we have seen our net new business grow phenomenally. We’ve generated more than £100K of booked and committed revenue purely from the PPC and SEO efforts of Incisive Edge.

Our team are experts in inbound

Inbound marketing has been our agency’s primary focus for more than a decade.

Throughout our rapid growth, we have kept inbound at the core of our services.

By helping you to build a social strategy and inbound funnel which drives results, we’ll scale your business.

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Choose the right social media channels

Not every business is going to want to pursue every social media network. Choosing the right social media channels for your digital marketing strategy is crucial.

In our experience, a consistent and focused approach will yield far greater results than spreading yourself too thinly.

We’ll advise and recommend the best social media platforms that will be most effective for your brand.

Build your brand

Building a great set of social media accounts which are linked clearly in terms of visual, tone of voice and messaging, is highly effective when creating brand awareness.

Build your brand and rapport with your target audience through consistency and design.

Create content that attracts

Content comes in many different guises for social media, whether it’s video, creative, infographics or good old text posts.

We create your social content to draw attention to your brand, engage and nurture your prospects down your funnel – quickly.

We’ll develop clickable content that speaks directly to your audience.

Reporting that moves the needle

As with every channel, your social strategy needs to deliver results.

We’ll tie in all of your social media analytics to give you a report that drills into the key numbers and statistics to showcase your growth.

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We are a a strategy-first agency, expert in customer acquisition and specialising in B2B.

By building an inbound funnel which drives results for your business, we will help you grow and scale.

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