Utilise sales team empowerment and enablement to smash your targets

It’s a challenging sales environment, that’s for sure. But we all still need to meet targets. Today’s customers are more informed and often wait until they have identified a solution before engaging with a sales rep, making it difficult to build a relationship.

Incisive edge Strategy

A marketing agency built upon the bedrock of sales

We’re a strategy-first marketing agency, but we started in sales. We understand how to support the most important teams in your organisation.

We’ll provide you with the building blocks you need to make sure your sales team are firing on all cylinders and ready to make the most of marketing’s output.

How Incisive Edge helps you find success in B2B marketing

The value we bring to your marketing and sales

We'll position you away from the competition, & create your marketing & sales strategy, so you achieve your growth objectives - fast
Our industry experience means we can expand your team's processes. We've walked in your shoes, so we know the importance of the bottom line
We'll connect you with B2B buyers, align & integrate marketing with sales & define custom campaign strategies for closing business
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Julia Payne


Meet the team lead

Julia’s experience in the field of sales and marketing is second to none:

  • CEO of international consultancy. Led the sale to a US consultancy
  • Advisor to Microsoft’s Worldwide Head of Marketing & Sales
  • Sales and Marketing leader with experience introducing brands to new international markets, doubling revenue and scaling companies for sale
  • Commercial leader for two businesses successfully taken to IPO
  • Experience building startups from inception to exit


"We can't say enough good things about the results and the experience of working with Incisive Edge"

In the last few months since working with IE, we have seen our net new business grow phenomenally. We’ve generated more than £100K of booked and committed revenue purely from the PPC and SEO efforts of Incisive Edge.

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Aligned teams

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Increase in buyer-ready prospects


Improved processes


Leads managed effectively

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Increased sales and ROI

A framework to engage, equip and empower a world class marketing and sales team

Sales enablement gives your marketing and sales teams the tools and processes they need to provide real value to prospects at each stage of their buying journey.

Our sales enablement strategy focuses on giving your teams the resources to boost conversions and close more deals.

Revenue performance strategy

Boost conversions & close more leads by creating a revenue performance strategy that your marketing & sales teams own.

Sales and marketing alignment

Drive revenue growth & create a seamless buyer journey & customer experience by unifying your marketing & sales teams & their processes to align with your strategy.

Lead funnel

Get your lead funnel firing on all cylinders. Create universal definitions of all funnel stages from Subscriber to Customer. Ensure everyone is aligned around the different stages of your funnel.

Lead management

Create a clear hand off between marketing & sales, so your teams understand their responsibilities in managing your leads & converting your prospects into customers.

Segment your data

Segment your data so you can get granular in your communications & speak directly to your different buyer personas. Qualify your existing & future leads.

Streamlined reporting and SLAs

Streamline your reporting around a single profile of your customers, to track KPIs & measure attribution.

Create Service Level Agreements between marketing & sales to foster collaboration & best practice.

Get Lucidity

"One thing I've been really impressed by is that Incisive Edge are highly, highly organised."

Tom Ricca-McCarthy and Get Lucidity enjoyed great results when we formed an extension of their team. Together, we worked to implement an inbound strategy, driving leads and results.

Our team are experts in strategy

The team at Incisive Edge have sat where you sit, and understand your pain. We come from the real world of in-house sales and marketing, so we know that what matters most to you is results.

You won’t hear excuses from us, or woolly statements that don’t get you where you need to go. Just battle-tested sales enablement strategies that carve out a path to growth and scale.

Mobilise your sales team​

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