Brand development. Tell your story. Make it memorable

Your brand has a message – a story to tell. Whether you’re a startup, scaleup or more established, creating a brand relationship with your prospects and customers establishes trust, turning your customers into brand advocates to keep them returning and sales increasing.

Become a Market-Leading Brand

Your tech platform is ready to break onto the scene. You want to become a market-leading brand, go global and win the hearts and minds of your target audience. Welcome to your 4R brand model. Real. Remarkable. Reputational. Relevant.

establish your brand fit with your target audience

create your difference

gain trust, respect and esteem

build emotional involvement

drive engagement

build loyal advocates

“When we initially engaged with Incisive Edge, the team took the time to understand our business, our client personas and delivered a fantastic strategic plan to acquire profitable clients in line with our business strategy.
The team at Incisive are very easy to work with, listen to your needs and work diligently to deliver an excellent service which I am very happy to recommend.”
khan mcsween
group operations director
BH Sterling

Building your Brand

Your Brand Essence
Your core essence characterises what your brand stands for in the minds of your customers and stakeholders.
It embodies your brand’s core competencies, advantage, culture and values.
It is the promise you make internally and externally and establishes a positive, powerful connection with everyone it touches.
Brand Pillars
Turn your Core Brand Essence into brand-driving actions connected to your brand promise through your brand pillars.
The brand pillars are tangible manifestations of your brand, which support the outcome of realising the value to your customers and achieving their objectives.
Brand Messaging
Developing your key brand messages produce responsiveness triggers to promote your prospects into taking action.
Create your messaging platform to attract prospects and unite your team around your company’s own brand messages.
Brand Vocabulary
A differentiated brand position can only be applied to engagement once you have your own brand thesaurus – a unified language
set to be applied by everyone.
Your brand vocabulary must be cascaded into every business conversation – both internally and externally.
Tone of Voice
We will distil your brand vocabulary into a tone of voice that can be applied across both marketing and sales collateral and which supports your principles and values.
Elevator Pitch
Business success often comes down to a few key moments. Usually, it involves a pitch. Whether the objective is to win new business or a lucrative strategic partnership, pitching is an essential skill.
Finding emotional connections is what will turn your brand from a product/ service/ solution provider into a value-added brand.
Brand Identity & Design
Your brand and corporate identity has to stand out above the crowd.
We will create your identity across all your marketing and sales collateral.
Brand Guidelines
Once your design principles have been agreed, we will create your Brand Guidelines.
And not long waffly guidelines that no-one will use. Your brand guidelines will be concise and pragmatic.

Ready for growth?

In a 30 minute session, we’ll show you how to create a system to generate more leads and accelerate the growth of your business.
In our session together, we’ll understand your business and current lead channels and recommend strategies and execution tactics that will help you expand faster.
Julia Payne
Your growth marketing session will be with tech marketing expert, Julia Payne.