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Incisive Edge bring you the expertise you need to find your brand differentiation and build the essential foundation for your digital marketing machine. Our positioning strategy projects work to collaboratively draw out the best bits of your brand while improving the customer experience, and always deliver in 30 days.

The Incisive Edge approach

Interruptive outbound marketing is soon to be a thing of the past. Inbound is here to stay.

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Negotiating backwards from your target revenue ensures you get your inbound marketing strategy and tactics to align with your business and marketing goals. They should never sit in isolation.
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Gather qualified leads and nurture them through their buying journey. Engage with timely and relevant content, supported by video content, social and email, until they convert.


With us supporting you as a strategic and executional partner, you have a complete in-house marketing team. Whether you’re a start up and want a ready-formed team at your disposal, or a scaleup who wants expertise in specific areas, we work with you to meet your exact needs.

Ask the right questions

Where do you sit in the market? What do you do that nobody else does? What are your brand values i.e. what does your brand stand for? If every person in your company and your customer base can’t tell you the answer to that, then you have a little work to do on your brand positioning. The brand positioning process will allow you to win hearts and minds from within your target audience, by clearly associating your business’ brand with the things you want, and deserve, to be known for most.

Tried and tested path to positioning

Poor brand positioning is one of the most common pitfalls that we see from scaling businesses. You can usually spot companies making this mistake as they flip flop between half executed tag lines, changing logos or top line messaging routinely, over a period of months. Proper investment in your brand position will allow you to project a stable image to your potential new customers that clearly defines: who you are as a company; your brand purpose; and tells your brand story.

A successful positioning strategy is instantly recognisable, think of “Intel Inside” as a way of communicating unseen value, or even better, the way that IBM is able to evoke a feeling of authority in the technology space, whether you truly know what they do or not.

A strong brand will evolve over time, with new product features being released, regular product improvements or exciting additions to your service offering that make a real difference; but when it comes to describing who you are as a business, it’s best to do it once – and do it right – and then build from there.

The best brands combine their brand positioning, company website and digital marketing execution to build an emotional connection and create a smooth customer experience with their target audiences. Implemented well, your brand strategy and brand values can give you a competitive advantage to drive growth.

Match your audience to your strategy

It is natural to segment your audience based on market research from industry experts, competitive intelligence, background research and demographic data, and it’s something that the digital revolution has made very easy to do. We have found that combining demographic data with triggers that demonstrate your prospect’s motivators, together with their behaviours, can have a huge impact on results. This makes effective positioning strategies critical. In order to take advantage of your prospects’ motivations you have to ensure you’re answering their questions at the very top of your messaging and show that you have a deep understanding of your customer and their pain points and challenges.

A positioning statement and messaging that rolls down from the top

By starting with the things that make your business great for the world, we’re able to craft a compelling brand positioning statement and top line message which rolls neatly into more detailed content and can be applied all the way across your marketing strategies, sales team and sales funnels.

Whilst slogans and benefits are absolutely necessary, there’s more to great strategic positioning and your brand strategy than that. We will work together with your business to provide a meaningful output that will make projects elsewhere, like PPC, social or website work, go faster and remove strain from your team.

Bespoke Process from a B2B brand positioning agency

Every customer is different, and every positioning project produces a totally unique proposition. As a business to business brand positioning agency, our workshop process will draw out the things which make your company unique, and pivot towards the most important areas for you as we understand your business – deeply.

We will work with you to define detailed Buyer Personas for your target audience’s decision makers. Each persona will identify the specific pain points and key issues that your decision makers are trying to solve and will create messages that address to help address those key issues.

We will craft a value proposition that emphasizes why you are unique and the value you provide your target market.

We will go straight to the heart of the issue by identifying any obstacles, and tackle them as part of our strategic execution plan. We will utilise the assets you currently have, as well as fill any gaps as quickly as possible, helping you accelerate growth.

A brand strategy that supports your digital marketing

Once you have defined your positioning based on your value chain and married it with your buyer persona, customer needs, their sales cycle and purchase process, it’s time to use your hard work to support your digital marketing plan and digital marketing strategy – and of course, ensure that it’s going to meet your overall business strategy. Using the foundational brand and positioning strategies as the basis, we’ll create a marketing strategy that builds a direct connection with your customers, that speaks to them in a voice which resonates and demonstrates how clearly you understand them. In essence, marketing strategies that provide a competitive advantage to beat the competition.

Timeline – 30 day guarantee

We know that positioning can seem like going right back to basics, and in some ways it is, but that doesn’t mean your company will have to wait an age before getting a tangible output. All of our positioning projects come with a 30 day guarantee for delivery of results. That means that we can work together on laying the foundations for your marketing to really perform, and still be ready to switch on the lead engine just one month later.

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“Incisive Edge is the real deal. They know their stuff inside and out. Because they’re specialists in tech marketing, they get to the heart of the matter quickly, saving both time and money. They work in true partnership with us and they’re a great team to work with. Consistently excellent with superb client service.”

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