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A messy, out of date platform is the last place your sales, marketing and customer service teams want to spend their time.  

We have years of experience in gathering website and campaign performance data to re-energise and optimize out-of-date implementations and get your business excited about HubSpot again.


Your business needs marketing automation that works to feed your sales processes

Even the best implementations can age poorly if not maintained carefully alongside business changes. Our tried and tested system will allow your business to rejuvenate your HubSpot instance. We pride ourselves on turning the words “CRM” from hushed, taboo internal chatter, to a source of positivity and revenue


“Incisive Edge were transformational in our use of HubSpot. We now rely on HubSpot to ensure our results and revenue are exactly where they need to be.

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Is your platform performing to its potential?

As a scaling B2B company, there’s just not enough time in the day to be over everything. Things will get missed and before you know it, your HubSpot platform has become overly complicated and confusing. Your team no longer want to use it . It’s become an expensive white elephant. 

We can sort out and optimise your platform quickly, so it becomes your revenue generation engine, loved by your teams once again.

The team lead

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Technical audit

Step one is a deep dive technical audit. Our team apply a tried and tested multi-step process to identify the best way forward. As part of this process we will review each of the areas you can see on the right. 

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Unleashing scale

We work to understand your processes, your HubSpot platform, your objectives and goals to help your businesses get back on top of its automation, and accelerate lead and demand generation –  and close revenue

Whether your growth and scale is being prevented by underperforming landing pages, wonky workflows or lead scoring that’s gone awry, we will investigate and sort out the issues – quickly.

Lifecycle stages & sub stages

Email marketing

Use of marketing content

Process used to create an open deal

and workflows

Your current segmentation

Lead status criteria

Marketing and Sales alignment

Reporting facilities

Sales and marketing alignment

HubSpot is built to support your company from the top of the lead funnel through to closed customers. That’s why we’ll work together with each part of your business to determine the right structure, processes, pipeline and marketing automation flows to ensure your sales, marketing and customer success teams are aligned and integrated.  

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Customer lifecycle stages & lead scoring

Your website is a great source of leads, but lead stages can vary between early and late, depending on the details of your product, service or solution. We’ll work with you to understand what a potential deal looks like, and the shape we need to create for each step of the prospect’s journey. We will build a process which moves contacts on stage by stage through rules which can be automatically applied, lead scoring as we go.

 But lead scoring can be complex. 

Our robust lead scoring framework will give your business a process to prioritise your outreach so you can create relationships with the right people at the right time and align your teams around common goals.

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Custom reporting

Your reporting is only as good as the data which feeds it. We know the types of information which investors and management teams are looking for, beyond just volume of Sales Qualified Leads. We will build bespoke dashboard and custom reports in HubSpot that show your marketing and sales teams the great work the results they have achieved. 

Services delivered by trusted experts

In our time servicing B2B organisations including tech startups, scaleups and established tech companies, we’ve designed HubSpot implementations from scratch, reworked cluttered databases, aligned workflows and sequences, and everything in between.

We’re proud to be an agency who will do more to understand your processes and align with your HubSpot platform in a relatable, relevant and customised way, rather than simply sticking to the default values. We make HubSpot work for your business, not the other way around. .

Training that fits your company

As we walk through the process of refreshing and optimising your HubSpot instance together, our team will document every step of the way. This gives us a huge advantage in delivering training to stakeholders outside of the project team, and through the handover documentation afterwards, which can be used to upskill new hires.

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One off or ongoing to meet your needs

For some businesses, it can be a challenge to keep on top of their HubSpot platform, especially when teams change over time and knowledge is lost in the business. 

We will step into the breach and drill down into your problems quickly to resolve irritating challenges and optimise your portal either on a one-off basis or ongoing. Whatever suits you. 

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Tailored training content for your organisation

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Support for your team

We offer two types of support following your project, giving you flexibility to match the maturity of your business to your budget.
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Around the clock support

Our most comprehensive support offering makes sure you're never without someone at the end of a phone. If you're operating a global marketing team who will be using your HubSpot account around the clock, this gives you peace of mind and reassurance that mass email, automated workflows or any other interaction will be resolved quickly.
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Flexible support on-demand

For the organisation that feels confident in their implementation and scale of team, but still wants to remain open minded to the possibility of an extra pair of hands, our on-demand support allows you to take advantage when you need it, but also take ownership of HubSpot on your own terms in general.

Resetting your understanding of HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful solution with the ability to link to other tools via API. The scale of possibility has made customers feel overwhelmed in the past, so we aim to provide clear best practice in an easy to digest format that you will be able to take with you following our work together.

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