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For many organisations, it’s clear that they need marketing automation to feed their sales processes with leads. For the more ambitious company, it might be a case of mapping out the buyer’s journey or keeping up to date deal records. A fully functioning HubSpot portal for your marketing or revenue operations team can be the perfect place to do that. An out of date platform will be the last place your sales or marketing team will want to spend their time. 

Incisive Edge has years of experience gathering business requirements from across sales teams, service and operations team and internal marketers, to re-energise out of date implementations and get your organisation excited about HubSpot again.

Is your HubSpot performing to its potential?

Does your system clearly define the difference between a marketing qualified lead and a sales qualified lead? Or does it lead to arguments internally that can fracture culture and lead to a drop in performance, and ultimately paying customers?


The Incisive Edge process

We help organisations with experience using HubSpot get back on top of their CRM, and begin generating leads for the whole organisation. We work to understand your system, your company and your requirements. Nobody should be relying on leads which are manually created. We work together with you to automate and set up lifecycle stages for your potential customers.

Technical audit

Step one is a deep dive technical audit. Our team apply a tried and tested multi-step process to identify the best way forward. As part of this process we will review each of the icons you can see on the right. 

Lifecycle stages & sub stages

Email marketing

Use of marketing content

Process used to create an open deal

and workflows

Your current segmentation

Lead status criteria

Marketing and Sales alignment

Reporting facilities

Sales and Marketing alignment

A fully workshopped process will be created to align the marketing and sales elements of your business. We will look at your existing configuration and how it maps to your desired one, scoping it out stage by stage to reflect the tools your company currently has access to.

HubSpot is built to support your company from the top of the lead funnel through to closed customers. That’s why we work together with each part of your business to determine the right deal and lead status classifications that will keep both the marketing and sales teams happy.

Your website is a great source of leads, but lead stages can vary between early and late depending on the details of your product, service or brand. By workshopping together with your company up front, we’re able to understand what a potential deal looks like to you, and the shape we need to create for each step of the contact’s journey. Once we understand you better, we’re able to build a process which moves contacts on stage by stage through rules which can be automatically applied.

Customer lifecycle stages lead scoring

Whether you’re starting from scratch or integrating HubSpot with an existing CRM, you want to prioritise your leads and create relationships. But lead scoring can be complex. Our robust lead scoring framework will give your business a process to prioritise your outreach so you can create relationships with the right people at the right time and align your teams around common goals.


Your reporting is only as good as the data which feeds it. We know the types of information which investors and company leaders are looking for, beyond just volume of sales qualified leads. Work together with us to build dashboards native to HubSpot that show your marketing and sales teams the great work they can do together, and the results they can achieve.

As marketing becomes more complex and driven by digital automations, reporting is stepping into the previously unknown. HubSpot has the facility to show volume of contacts in the consideration stage vs other lifecycle stages, but then also drill down at the customer level to understand the full range of their activity.

Services delivered by a team of experts you can trust

Within growing marketing teams it is often the case that marketing operations, or revenue operations are yet to develop, despite successful products or services generating money for the business. We recognise that, and bring a flexible process built around learning your business’ definition of a marketing and sales qualified lead. We then tailor HubSpot’s lifecycle stages around your own expectations to avoid any disappointment.

In our time servicing growing organisations we’ve designed HubSpot implementations from scratch, reworked cluttered databases around a new definition of a potential customer, and everything in between.

We’re proud to be an agency who will do more to understand your process and place it into HubSpot’s lifecycle properties’ framework in a relatable and relevant way, rather than simply sticking to the default lifecycle stage property values and shifting the way you work to match us – or HubSpot.

Creating training that fits your company and its tools

As we walk through the process of refreshing your HubSpot instance together, the team will document every step of the way. This gives us a huge advantage in delivering training to stakeholders outside of the project team, and through the handover documentation afterwards, which can be used to upskill new hires.

One off projects to accelerate your business

For some businesses, it can be a challenge to keep on top of the data architecture within their HubSpot instance. This is particularly prominent where teams change over time and new workflows begin to clash with old ones.

Incisive Edge can perform an audit on your system, drill down to problems quickly and resolve irritating challenges on a one-off basis where necessary.


“Incisive Edge were transformational in our use of HubSpot. From creating and implementing our funnel metrics to sorting out our workflows, nurture flows and reporting, we now rely on HubSpot to ensure our results and revenue are exactly where they need to be.

Incisive Edge is a tremendous team to work with.”
Ed Conklin
Managing Director
Central Data Storage

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Tailored training content for your organisation

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Support for your team

We offer two types of support following your project, giving you flexibility to match the maturity of your business to your budget.
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Around the clock support

Our most comprehensive support offering makes sure you're never without someone at the end of a phone. If you're operating a global marketing team who will be using your HubSpot account around the clock, this gives you peace of mind and reassurance that mass email, automated workflows or any other interaction will be resolved quickly.

Flexible support on-demand

For the organisation that feels confident in their implementation and scale of team, but still wants to remain open minded to the possibility of an extra pair of hands, our on-demand support allows you to take advantage when you need it, but also take ownership of HubSpot on your own terms in general.

Resetting your understanding of HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful solution with the ability to link to other tools via API. The scale of possibility has made customers feel overwhelmed in the past, so we aim to provide clear best practice in an easy to digest format that you will be able to take with you following our work together.