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Organic traffic is a key customer acquisition channel for B2B  tech companies. 

We design SEO strategies and blend with execution to enable you to attract more traffic, better quality leads and increase your revenue. 

Our SEO campaigns have been consistently delivering great results for over a decade.

Proven results, delivered time and again

How effective your marketing is comes down to whether your tech company can be found online by the right prospects. If you can’t, you may be dead in the water. 

With your very own qualified data scientist creating your high performance SEO strategy, you can attract more visitors, nurture and engage them with your content, increase your pipeline and convert more sales.

Increase SEO for Website with poor SEO

We make limited budgets work harder to deliver greater results & ROI. We wouldn't waste our money & we won't waste yours either

Our friendly & grounded team have seen it all before. We'll cut through the jargon & make SEO make sense. No marketing fluff here

We’ll look across the competitive landscape to position you away from your competition & achieve your growth objectives fast

The Team Lead

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Key components of SEO

Search engine rankings are determined by over 200 factors. We have found that starting with three key pillars and building outwards to meet the search engine algorithm’s criteria, provides measurable results. 

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We do the heavy lifting up front, when it comes to forming search engine optimisation strategies. A thorough SEO audit, along with: time spent together discussing the intricacies of your business; who your potential customers are; and where you have found them in the past, allows us to build a laser focused keyword strategy together.
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Whether it's best practice link building or running comprehensive technical SEO audits to identify performance issues, our team of experts have seen it all before. A solid foundation and avoiding common technical SEO issues are a core element of our B2B SEO services.
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Finding the right assets or copy to match to your business’ search terms is critical. Using a combination of technical experts, copy writers and internal experts we are able to produce results for your business; whether we’re aiming for niche keywords, or more competitive terms.

Don't lose out to your competition

Prospects are searching for your products and services right now. They’re doing their research, drawing up a list of who they want to contact.

 If you can’t be found, you won’t be on that list. But your competitors may be. 

SEO is the process of increasing your site’s visibility in the search engine rankings. The more visibility your site has, the greater the chances of attracting relevant prospects at a local, national or global level.  

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Our approach

Our team of in-house experts, comprise decades of industry experience across data and content marketing, to weave best practice search engine optimisation across your website and into your marketing strategy. 

Our goal is to keep the focus squarely on your target audience, layering SEO strategies on top of research and analysis to create a highly focused strategy.

Not all traffic is created equal, and our collaborative process is proven to bring in users who convert.

Your buyer personas

To attract the right visitors, you first need to know who you want to attract.

We take a buyer persona centric approach to your SEO strategy to ensure the traffic we drive to your website is relevant and will convert into highly qualified leads – MQLs and SQLs – and ultimately, into customers. -d

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Keyword research

We’ve been told by our clients many times that our SEO keyword research is best in class. It’s what enabled us to identify Google’s move to Core Web Vitals ahead of time and position our clients for success. 

Great keyword research is so much more than just looking at volume numbers. Anyone can do that. We analyse multiple factors to find keywords that you realistically have the opportunity to rank well for. 


“As a fast growing tech startup, we rely on SEO and powerful content to drive our lead and demand generation engine. The experience and expertise of the Incisive Edge team has been invaluable in helping us to refine our strategy, plan campaigns and automate processes”



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On page optimisation

Your ability to rank and rank well starts with your website. We will optimise your SEO meta – headings, meta descriptions, URL structure and website content, to your keywords to begin your ranking success.

We will implement a solid internal linking strategy across your content universe to enable the search engine bots to both understand and find your content.

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In order to build your Domain Authority and increase your own authority, trust, relevance and credibility, we will implement an outreach programme so trustworthy sites link to yours. 

Website SEO health

Much like a car needs regular maintenance, so do websites. 

By carrying out weekly technical SEO updates, we ensure that your site health does not wane.

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SEO optimised content

Content is the backbone of your SEO strategy.  But not just any old content. Your content must speak to your buyer personas for where they are in their buying and decision-making process., With messages that resonate. And keywords to help your content rank. 

We will create your SEO-led, content marketing strategy, schedule, plans and briefs so we can write your content to your SEO strategy, or if you have an in-house team, they can write your content to a structure you know will work. 

Why start with boosting your organic traffic?

The classic funnel, cyclone or flywheel view of marketing, (whichever you subscribe to), makes it clear – the more people in the top of your “hopper” the more leads you will find coming out of the bottom. Web traffic is the fuel to your digital funnel, and best in class B2B SEO practices can boost not only visitor and lead volume but also increase your ability to find relevant traffic, through attracting the right buyer personas

Our formula is simple. 

Attract more of the right type of prospects to your website.

Increase your lead quality.

Enjoy more sales conversations and conversions.

Generate more revenue.  

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SEO content for B2B companies

We’re often asked, how can an agency write SEO optimised content for my company, especially tech companies – it’s so technical? 

Well here’s our answer:

Our content team are experienced journalists and writers. From HealthTech to Blockchain and beyond – they’ve been writing about it for years. 

Your content shouldn’t always lead with your platform, product or service. Rather, your content should speak to your personas’ pain points, add value, engage, nurture and convert. But above all, it must be written for humans. Our content marketing team humanise B2B marketing. 

We are SEO and content marketing specialists. Plain and simple. 

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