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Content marketing is at the core of digital marketing. 

Whether you want to attract prospects to your website, engage and nurture them through their buying journey or convert, content is your cornerstone. 

Content marketing with a purpose

Creating content for the sake of it is a waste of your time, energy and budget.

Your content marketing should be managed by a clear strategy, which speaks directly to your buyer personas and if part of a SEO strategy, informed by your keywords.

Our content marketing experts will design your strategy and create all the necessary assets to execute on that strategy so your audience is receiving the right message at the right time.

Real-World experience

Our real-world experience makes us experts at distilling what we need from your business & your industry to create your content marketing process

Our friendly, experienced team have a winning mindset and a direct approach. No marketing fluff here. We get to the heart of your content marketing & execute to exceed your expectations

We operate as a transparent extension of your team. Our clear approach & deliverables make it easy to understand what you're getting and when

The team lead

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Creating a best in class B2B content marketing strategy

Content marketing relies on structure and strategy before you can produce content your prospects want to engage with.. Our proven methods for delivering a robust content marketing strategy begins with understanding your content objectives and then uses our three step process to achieve them.

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Run a content audit to identify gaps

Every company we work with is different. Whether you're in the early stages of life as a startup, or in the thick of implementing growth marketing, there's every chance your digital strategy will need content marketing. We take your existing content & compare it against your business profile to determine exactly what's missing.
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The value of independent research

It's easy to find yourself relying on the same internal stakeholders for all your content. Once we've identified the right place to start & assessed your existing assets, we'll perform keyword research, analyse your website traffic and look at the industry leaders who are valued by your potential customers to come up with the right content for you.

Delivering optimized content

With the hard work done, it's down to the experts to produce the copy, create striking designs & craft your digital marketing. Our network of partners, co-ordinated by our internal experts, will deliver your content strategy one asset at a time, making sure to provide you plenty of opportunity for feedback along the way.

Content relevant to your buyer personas

The majority of your B2B prospects do their own research before even contacting you. That means your content has to speak to them

By creating a content schedule, conversion briefs and messaging built around your personas’ pain points, needs and challenges, mapped against their buying journey, we create content assets that speak directly to your target audience. 

SEO keywords which attract your target audience

Your buyer personas are searching Google to find companies just like yours. 

By creating search engine optimised content around the exact terms your personas are searching for, enables your content and brand to be found.  

But more than that, through precise keyword research, you will bring best-fit prospects to your site, saving you time and increasing your opportunities for sales conversions.o

Increase search rankings

Content created for SEO must add value. But it must also play to the search engine algorithms

Our content team is expert in creating content that does both through our proven process which has been crafted over the years and by our talented SEO team. 

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Build authority

Researched thought leadership content presents you and your company as experts in your field and builds credibility, trust and authority.

Our team adopt a journalistic approach to content creation. We will interview your subject matter experts and stakeholders, research and analyse, to ensure your thought leadership presents you as an expert. 

Website content

As your global led gen asset, your website should be your hardest working salesperson.

Our team will bring your website to life with copy that showcases the value you deliver and the benefits you bring. 

But that’s not all. We will optimise your site so it speaks to the search engines, increasing leads and conversions.

Design that speaks to your audience

To promote your brand and message, your content needs to appeal to your audience

Whether you need pitch decks to attract investors, graphics for social media,  Ads for your paid campaigns or sales collateral, our design team will develop assets that speak to your brand and your audience. 


"What we get is the benefit of a whole marketing team, for the cost of probably 1 equivalent full time employee. We've been really impressed by the quality of service, and the quality of reporting we've received from Incisive Edge. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the tech space looking for a marketing agency."
Leanne Bonner-Cooke

What assets do I need for my B2B content marketing strategy?

It goes without saying that it depends on your marketing objectives, but here are just a few of the assets that tech companies typically produce to engage, nurture and convert their target audience:

Explainer videos. To showcase your brand and platform

Screencasts. To showcase your product/ platform

Product-led blog posts. To address how your solution addresses your personas’ pain points

How-to posts. Answering frequently asked questions about your platform

Checklists. Quick reference lists for specific task that your customers perform on a regular basis

Surveys. To understand what your customers want and need

Infographics. To display stats about your product in an easily digestible format. They also make great linking assets

Glossary pages. To inform your prospects and customers

Pillar and cluster Topic pages. To create a solid linking strategy to play to the algorithms

Competitor comparion tables. An easy to digest chart or table to show how lead the pack

Webinars. On demand or in-person to showcase your platform

Podcasts. Another medium which prospects and customers may have a preference for. Can be transcribed, used for SEO and as reference points in blogs and guides

eBooks/ lead magnets. To showcase your industry and platform expertise. To engage and nurture and gain prospect data

Thought leadership. To build sector and industry credibility and authority

Case studies. To showcase your successes. Invaluable as part of a nurture sequence

To name just a few….

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