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You’re pre-revenue or revenue-generating. You’re wondering how best to tackle your marketing, given budgets and resource are limited and you need to drive sales.

IWhilst you’re different from the competition your prospects don’t seem to see or understand that difference and you can’t really fathom why. You need to act quickly. 

Is it better to hire someone in-house or go with an agency? Is there even a difference?

We’ll help you get your winning GTM, brand, messaging, positioning and marketing strategies in place quickly and cost-effectively.

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The non-negotiables for effective startup marketing

Is your startup doing what it needs to across these core elements of the marketing mix? As a startup you’re at exactly the right point in your journey to get these essentials in place.

GTM strategy and positioning

Make your startup stand out against established competitors and showcase your value in a way prospects can’t refuse. Define your strategy and leverage your difference to create a compelling market offering.

Purposefully position away from the competition

Lead with buyer personas to engage & convert your target audience

Identify your differentiators & highlight your value

Connect through value-led messaging & content that speaks to your buyer personas

Reflect user journeys to create a smooth user experience that converts

Use SEO to bring the right audience to your website

Lead generation website

Convert your website into your highest-performing sales person. Demonstrate your credibility and gain trust to drive customer acquisition.

SEO strategy and optimisation

Not sure where to start? You know SEO is important, but you don’t know the ins and outs. Define and execute a successful SEO strategy that drives traffic to build your audience.

Carry out detailed keyword research & analysis to attract the right audiencce

Informational & transaction keywords will cover your entire marketing funnel

Create a SEO content structure to play to search engine algorithms

Create value-led content, SEO-optimised tor your keywords

Produce content to support your target audience at each lead stage

Thought leadership content will position your brand

Content creation

You’re on a tight budget but you want to create high-quality SEO content. Build you target target audience and engagement through focusing on keywords you have a chance of ranking for.

Social media strategy and execution

You’ve already got a social media presence but it’s not driving engagement. Learn how to build your community quickly.

A clear social strategy & hashtag research will help you reach your audience

Curated thought leadership content will build your audience

Shared organic content will drive engagement

Structured ampaigns to make the best use of your resources & assets to drive customer acquisition

An inbound marketing approach results in cost-effective lead generation

Fast execution to get in-market quickly

Campaign strategy and execution

Build your campaigns by concentrating only on the channels you need to be in. Your budget isn’t limitless, so you need to stay laser-focused.

HubSpot Platinum Partner - Onboarding and training

Expertise across all Hubs

Aligned marketing, sales & services process to achieve scale

Marketing automation

When is the right time for you to consider the marketing automation tools you’ve heard so much about? You may be eligible for a massive discount on HubSpot for Startups? We’ll advise you every step of the way. 

Brand building

As a startup you want your brand to be distinctive. Create a brand that resonates with your prospects and potential investors alike.

Define your brand's message, story, look & feel

Establish trust with prospects & customers

Turn customers into brand advocates

Combined experience of 100+ years in tech marketing

Extension of your team - our only goal is your success

Free advice & value-led approach to set your startup on the right road

Specialist expertise and training

How do you gain a CMO and specialist expertise across all areas of marketing without the expense of hiring internally? Give us a call for a chat about how our experience as an established marketing company for startups can help.

Avoid the most common marketing mistakes startups make

Despite the ease of access to marketing tools, great marketing is harder than ever. How can you compete in a noisy environment and reach your prospective buyers at the right time, on a tight budget and with a small team?

Your personas are not clearly identified, leading to a lack of focused targeting

You’re trying to be all things to all people, resulting in appealing to no-one

Your messaging isn’t clear & your value & difference don’t shine through

You’re proud of your first website but it’s not performing, resulting in lack of leads

You want to execute but you don’t have a clear strategy

You’re wasting budget on channels that aren’t performing

You lack a clear reporting mechanism & don’t have those vital insights

Everyone has an opinion, so you don’t know which move to make next

We help our clients succeed

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“The team that Incisive Edge assembled for us was top notch. Each of the team members have their own speciality, whether it was strategy, design or back-end development and was able to provide valuable, proactive advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Incisive Edge for a project large or small.”
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