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Content Marketing
for Tech Companies

Build engagement, educate prospects, nurture opportunities, drive leads and strengthen credibility.

Content marketing for tech companies

Your prospects don’t want to be rushed. They don’t want to speak to a sales person straight away, no matter how much you would like them to. They won’t hit your site and instantly take a demo or trial, no matter how in your face you make that CTA button. They want to make an informed choice at their own pace.

Content is your way in – to inform, educate, influence and position your company as the one they need to be speaking with.

Your content marketing strategy

Your content needs to speak directly to your audience for where they are in their own personal buying and decision-making journey. Different types of content are required at different stages of that journey.

Our content audit process identifies:

Content writing

Creating quality content time and again is virtually impossible when you’ve also got a business to run. But it’s a lead-generation necessity to increase your company’s search engine presence.

We take the burden from you and create high-quality content that reflects your brand’s voice but is written for your prospects.

  • Marketing and sales messaging
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Pillar pages
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Thought leadership
  • Web copy

We create content that speaks directly to your buyers’ needs and differentiates you in the market. 

Search engine optimisation

SEO is essential, but it’s much more than just keywords. URL structure, meta data, image attributes and backlinks all help to push your site up the search engine rankings, so you will be found. We will optimise all your content to drive visitors to your site.

Content promotion

Your content needs to speak to your audience, but it also needs to be found by them.

We will promote your content across multiple channels, encouraging your audience not only to visit your site, but to share your content with their network.

Technical writers

In addition to our in-house team, we have a team of external technical specialists – industry journalists and thought leaders, who write for our clients on highly technical areas.  

Our approach to your content marketing

Content marketing is crucial to your organic presence, inbound marketing, account based marketing and to drive traffic, engagement and leads. For that reason, everything we do is bespoke to your business and is centred on meeting your objectives and metrics.

Talk to us about your content marketing

We know how to build sites that sit at the heart of your inbound strategy, optimised for search traffic and lead generation. To find out more get in touch now. 


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